Learn about the Districts Permitting Processes.

The District is responsible for the issuance of permits for stationary equipment in Tehama County and the management of the resulting air emissions. Nearly all stationary equipment that emits to the atmosphere requires an District permit. An permit is a document that gives the permit holder authorization to build equipment and/or to operate that equipment. Each project is evaluated before a business can build and operate their equipment to ensure that all air quality requirements are met.

The program also manages an air emissions inventory from all permitted equipment. The inventory is used to track the level of air emissions.

Permitting and Approval Programs

Here are common permit and approval documents that the Air District issues:

Authority to Construct (ATC) – This is a pre-construction permit that is issued before equipment is installed. An ATC may require the permit holder to meet certain conditions before operation can begin.

Permit to Operate (PTO) – This permit allows the holder to operate (use) all equipment or activities listed on the permit.