Air Quality Permit Requirements

The Tehama County Air Pollution Control District’s Regulation II, Rule 2:1 describes the permit requirements for sources of air pollution. In general, any equipment or operation that emits pollutants into the atmosphere requires a Permit to Operate from the District unless it is exempted from District Regulations per Rule 2.4. Any air pollution control equipment, associated with a source that requires a District permit, is also required to have a Permit to Operate from the District. Facilities may use the Permit Exemption Guidance to aid in determining whether a source is required to have a permit or is exempt from permit requirements.

Once it has been determined that a permit is required for a particular source or operation, a facility obtains the required permit by submitting a permit application package to the District. The District issues and renews air quality permits for equipment that emits or controls the emission of air pollution from large and small facilities. If a facility is unsure about
whether or not a permit is required, it is advisable to submit a permit application package for the operation, and the District will make the final determination.

A Frequently Asked Questions document is available to answer the most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can phone the District with a question line at (530) 527-3717.

Permitting and Approval Programs

Here are common permit and approval documents that the Air District issues:

Authority to Construct (ATC) – This is a pre-construction permit that is issued before equipment is installed. An ATC may require the permit holder to meet certain conditions before operation can begin.

Permit to Operate (PTO) – This permit allows the holder to operate (use) all equipment or activities listed on the permit.