The Tehama County Air Pollution Control District’s Regulation II, Rule 2:1 and Rule 2:2 describes the permit requirements for sources of air pollution. In general, any equipment or operation that emits pollutants into the atmosphere requires an Authority to Construct before installation of the equipment or start of the operation. Upon receipt of the Authority to Construct and after start-up of the equipment or operation, a Permit to Operate is required for continued operation of the equipment or operation. Any air pollution control equipment associated with a source that requires a District permit also requires an Authority to Construct and/or Permit to Operate from the District.

In general, unless a source is exempted from District Regulations per Rule 2:4 a permit is required for any source of air pollution.

Explanation of How to Review a Possible Source that Requires an Authority to Construct Permit

  • First, review the proposed equipment or operation to see if it is exempted from District Regulation II, per Rule 2:4. Permit exemptions exclude specific equipment or operations from any District regulation (including permitting requirements and operational standards). If the source meets one of the exemptions in Rule 2:4, then the source is exempt from permitting requirements, per the regulation it met.
  • If none of the exemptions listed in Rule 2:4 apply, then the source most likely requires an Authority to Construct and/or Permit to Operate (go to Permit Application Guidance or instructions on applying for a permit.)
  • If one or more of the exemptions in Rule 2:4 do apply,
    • The emissions of toxins from the source must be at a level that it satisfies the District’s Toxic Best Available Control requirements pursuant to Regulation VI, Rule 6:8.
    • The source cannot be a public nuisance pursuant to Regulation IV, Rule 4:4.

Applicants who are unsure about whether or not a permit is required or wish confirmation of an exemption should submit a permit application for the source or operation; and the District will make the final determination. Questions regarding this matter can be directed to the District.