The burn decision information on this web page is updated Monday through Friday except holidays and office closures. Burn decisions are made at approximately 8:30 am each day after reviewing our local air quality data and information provided by the California Air Resources Board.

You can also call the office for the days burn decision by calling (530) 527-3717 and pressing 4 for the residential burn decision or 3 for the agricultural decision. The phone message is updated 7 days a week after 8:30 am.

Do I need a burn Permit?

Residential burning: No permit is required from the District for residential burning. However, burning is required to take place on permissive burn days within the approved burn hours.

Tehama County Fire (CalFire) Requires a fire safety permit during fire season.

Agricultural burning: An Agricultural Burn Permit is required from the District before burning. Agricultural Burning is defined as: The burning in the open of materials produced wholly from operations in the growing and harvesting of crops or raising of fowl or animals for the primary purpose of making a profit, of providing a livelihood, or of conducting agricultural research or instruction by an educational institution.

“Agricultural Burning” also includes open outdoor fires used in the operation or maintenance of a system for the delivery of water for agricultural operations,¬†forest management, range improvement and wildland vegetation management burning, or disease or pest prevention or control.

All agricultural burn operations must also have an LE-5 burn permit from their local fire department.

District Ag Burn Permit Application

Burn Decision (for 10/15/2019):

Agricultural Burning:

Please make sure you have a LE-5 permit from your local fire department. Today (October 15th) is a prunings only agricultural burn day in Tehama County.

Agricultural Burn Hours:

Burn hours for orchard waste are from 8:30AM to 12:00 noon. Burn hours for the Capay Fire District are from 8:30AM to 03:00PM.

Residential Burning:

Due to high fire danger residential burning has been suspended in all state and local response areas of Tehama County. Today (October 15th) is a permissive residential burn day for the Capay Fire District only.

Residential Burn Hours:

Burn hours for the Capay Fire District are 8:30AM to 3:00PM. All fires must be completely out by 3:00PM.