Wood Stove Change-out Program

The Tehama County Woodstove Change-out Program has begun!

The Tehama County Air Pollution Control District (District) is pleased to announce the Tehama County Wood Stove Change-out Program. The Districtís Board recently approved this voucher program specifically intended as an incentive to encourage property owners to purchase a new clean-burning heating device. A total of $15,000 is available beginning April 18, 2016 on a first come first served basis. Tehama County property owners may obtain either a $500, $750 or $1000 voucher, eligible low-income applicants will qualify for an additional $250 on the purchase of a new EPA-certified woodstove, insert, pellet stove, or gas-burning heating device.

District vouchers will be issued to property owners only. To qualify, a non-EPA certified woodstove or heating device must be removed and replaced with an EPA Phase II woodstove or cleaner burning device (e.g. pellet stove, gas fired, or certified equivalent). Vouchers may also be issued to retrofit an existing fireplace by installing an EPA-approved wood-burning insert, pellet stove or new gas stove.

In order to receive a voucher participants must submit a voucher application to the District, if funding is available a voucher will be issued to the applicant. Purchases must be made through our participating retailers. A list of participating retailers along with additional information can be found at the bottom of this page

Voucher Program

This program provides vouchers to residents in the Tehama County Air Pollution Control District who own non-EPA certified woodstoves or fireplaces, and want to change to EPA Phase II-Certified woodstoves, or to stoves or fireplaces fueled by gas or pellets. Vouchers are not available for previously purchased stoves; to participate in this program, do not purchase a stove prior to receiving a signed voucher from the District.

The purpose of the Program is to encourage Tehama County property owners (residential and commercial) to replace Non-Certified Appliance with new, cleaner burning EPA Phase II Appliances (wood or pellet) or Natural Gas Stoves by incentivizing purchase through issuance of Vouchers. Replacing Non-Certified Appliance with EPA Phase II Appliances or Natural Gas Stoves will help reduce PM within the air and help the District maintain compliance with state and federal PM standards.

Program Funding and Availability

Voucher applications will be accepted when Program Funding is available. Once Program Funding is exhausted, the Voucher Period will close.

Voucher Amounts

  • $500 toward the purchase of a wood EPA Phase II Appliance.
  • $750 toward the purchase of a pellet EPA Phase II Appliance.
  • $1000 toward the purchase of a Natural Gas Stove.
  • Eligible low-income Applicants (residential property owners only) may receive an additional $250 voucher toward the purchase of any of the foregoing options. Applicant must submit his or her most recent federal tax return to the District in order to verify annual gross income.

    Vouchers are available only to Tehama County property owners with a currently installed and operational Non-Certified Appliance.

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