Agricultural Burn Decision for Tehama County

The burn decision information on this web page is updated Monday through Friday except holidays and office closures.

It is currently outside of permitted burn hours. Please check this page or call the office after 8:30am tomorrow morning.

Burn Hours

Please call 530-527-3717 and Press 3 for agricultural burn hours

Agricultural Burn Permits

Do I need a Agricultural Burn Permit?

You will need a Agricultural Burn Permit if you operate a Commercial Agricultural Operation. An Agricultural operation is defined as: The growing and harvesting of crops or raising of fowl or animals for the primary purpose of making a profit, of providing a livelihood, or of conducting agricultural research or instruction by an educational institution.

Where can I get an Agricultural Burn Permit?

Please click the green box below for a Agricultural Burn Permit Application with more information.

Click here for an Ag Burn Permit Application

Prescribed Burning/Smoke Managment Plans

Smoke Management Plans (SMPs) shall be submitted to the District for review and approval by any person or entity proposing to burn more than 10 acres in size or proposing to burn a project that would produce more than 1 ton of particulate matter a minimum of 15 day prior to the burn. SM Ps must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

2.1 Location, types, and amounts of material to be burned;
2.2 Expected duration of the fire from ignition to extinction;
2.3 Identification of responsible personnel, including telephone contacts; and
2.4 Identification and location of all smoke sensitive areas.

For more information please click the green box below.

Click here for the PFIRS web page

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